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Exclusive Loyalty Program

The Inspirational Club was formed as part of our team’s passion in exploring all areas related to child and youth development during a number of internal meetings.


Throughout the journey of self education and exploration, we broadened our research into books, journals, articles, documentaries, movies and more.


Following the success of the meetings, we decided to establish the Inspirational Club Loyalty Program as a platform for adults (parents, guardians, educators and interested parties) interested in child and youth development and to become part of Learn & Inspire’s interactive community.


  • To involve grown-ups in an interactive discussion platform to express their thoughts, opinions and feelings about the topics addressed.

  • To create a community of knowledge-sharing individuals and groups involved or interested in child-rearing, growth and development.

  • To enhance the expertise of professionals and educators by introducing new skill sets and valuable information which are beneficial to their line of work and interest.

  • To encourage critical thinking, communication and self-development.

  • To bring together a roster of key partners and specialists in areas of expertise relevant to our field of interests. 

  • To become Inspirational Ambassadors for Learn & Inspire and spread knowledge and awareness of the centre’s mission and vision.

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